When we first heard about this epic battle, featuring two of the greatest comic teams of all time, we couldn’t wait to get our eager hands on a copy. Rather than go into great detail about everything that happens in this exciting issue, let’s just cover some of the highlights. First off, there are two characters we have a deep love for at Crazy Cool Comics: Wolverine and Captain America. Now in this issue a lot of the action features Mr. America, but we have a feeling Wolverine is about to kick some ass of his own pretty soon.

 The Phoenix Force, a combination of death and rebirth, is making its way for Earth. The force requires a biological host, and Captain America is convinced it’s heading for a young girl named Hope, a mutant living on Utopia. After a visit with Wolverine at The Jean Gray School for Higher Learning, Captain America heads to the island, hoping the X-Men will join him in the fight to stop the Phoenix Force before it’s too late.

Wolverine and Captain America in the same room? Wicked awesome!

When Captain America tries to take Hope into custody, he is stopped by Cyclops, who is certain the force could re-populate mutantkind if it finds the right vessel. After a violent confrontation, Captain America assembles The Avengers for the ultimate battle.  

Whose side are you on?

The issue contains amazing artwork from Scott Hanna, Laura Martin, and John Romita Jr. Each copy includes a free Marvel digital comic: Avengers vs. X-Men #1.


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  1. jimmmyjams says:

    I admit that I’m new to the world of comics, but after seeing the recent “Captain America” movie, I was surprised. Way fun! I’d have to say that I’m behind the skinny kid turned hero. 🙂

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