Great news for all of us! Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that Marvel’s The Avengers 2 is in development. With a highly successful opening weekend of over $200 million, Marvel’s The Avengers has earned its place as the #1 movie in America. We here at Crazy Cool Comics went to the midnight premiere, fighting our way through the crowded lobby to the concession stand, where our geeky eyes lit up with the sight of Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow popcorn bags. Marvel’s The Avengers is amazing from start to finish, and in our minds, it’s the perfect superhero movie!

 After watching the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, our team had a brief discussion about one thing: Why hasn’t one of Batman’s coolest criminals ever been featured in a live-action film? Yes, we’re talking about none other than Harley Quinn. We were delighted to find an entertaining comic explaining how this mischievous, yet lovable femme fatale came to be. The Origin of Harley Quinn chronicles the life of psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel as she is assigned to examine the Joker at Arkham Asylum. With each session, Harleen’s mind slowly begins to crumble as she falls in love with her strange patient. After helping the Joker escape the asylum, he is brought back after a brutal fight with Batman. The sight of Joker’s bruised, beaten body drives Harleen insane. Wearing a traditional jester outfit and going by the name Harley Quinn she aspires to become the Joker’s sidekick/lover, only to have him reject her. If you’ve read the graphic novel Mad Love, you’ll already be familiar with the love/hate relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker, and how it started. Fans of Batman: The Animated Series will recall the episode Mad Love from the show’s third season.

The Origin of Harley Quinn still provides laughs and excellent artwork, despite its short length of two pages. Harley is the kind of villain you can’t help but like. She’s goofy most of the time, but has a sharp edge underneath.

The Origin of Harley Quinn is written by Scott Beatty, with art by Bruce Timm.


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